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About Growing Smiles Orthodontics

Growing Smiles is an exclusive Orthodontic clinic located in Whitefield Bangalore. Our experienced Orthodontists from the top dental schools in Bangalore are committed to providing the best Orthodontic treatment options to our clients. Thanks to our unmatched orthodontic work and fixed appliances from American orthodontics we have treated more than 100 patients this year who are extremely satisfied with the treatment outcome and removable retainers.

Our Orthodontist

Dr. Vivek is an experienced Orthodontist who completed his BDS and MDS from RV Dental College, Bangalore. Dr. Vivek is an avid technology enthusiast and is constantly up to date with the latest technologies and appliances in the field of dentistry and orthodontics. Dr. Vivek Aithal is also a silver medal clear aligner specialist certified and trained by the Invisalign Bangalore center.

State Of The Art Orthodontic Care In Whitefield

Welcome to Growing Smiles Orthodontics where our Orthodontists are committed to aligning teeth for a perfect smile! We use advanced state of the art such as RVG (Radiovisual graphs) & ITERO Element scanner. The ClinCheck software we use enables you to see the end result of your orthodontic treatment even before the treatment starts.



Traditional metal braces are a very common Orthodontic option that is effective. for correcting crooked teeth. They are a very affordable Orthodontic treatment option to straighten teeth compared to ceramic braces. These are one of the most time tested types of orthodontic braces. Metal brackets with components such as rubber bands and wire to the brackets enable our Orthodontists at Growing Smiles to facilitate highly controlled tooth movements. The only disadvantage of metal braces is that they are not tooth colored like ceramic braces. They are one of the most time tested and oldest treatment options and have even treated very rare cases in children and adults compared to other types of braces. Oral health should be taken care of by using an orthodontic toothbrush, once the treatment starts to move the teeth to prevent any gum diseases due to the accumulation of food particles between the wires and the brackets. Care should be taken especially while patients play sports to avoid any trauma as the brackets might invade the soft tissues in cases such as a football hitting the face.


Ceramic braces are very similar to traditional metal braces in function. The only difference is that the brackets are made of tooth-colored ceramic material. They are a very convenient and affordable Orthodontic treatment option in children and adults. Unlike metal brackets, these ceramic brackets are a very aesthetic option, especially in adult orthodontics.
Ceramic types of orthodontic braces also have a lower wire to bracket friction. This helps our Orthodontists at Growing Smiles to apply the right forces. This avoids any damage to the natural teeth while correcting crooked teeth. Wearing ceramic braces is an option for people looking for a treatment option that is less visible apart from lingual braces. When you wear braces oral health should be taken care of. Using an Orthodontic toothbrush is very effective. Lodgement of food debris around the components of the braces such as elastic bands might cause gum disease. Ceramic type of braces straightens teeth and jaw movements can also be convenient when the malocclusion is treated with a proper occluding bite.


Self-ligating braces are the lastest Orthodontic brackets that evolved from the traditional braces,
These self-ligating bracket systems do not have any ligature metal wires, elastics or rubber bands and facilitate tooth movements with fewer components. The Orthodontic treatment time is also shorter compared to regular braces when it comes to dental care for adults. Self Ligating braces are easier for many Orthodontists when it comes to treatment planning. Ligating braces eliminate unwanted forces and reduce the discomfort as they just need a simple archwire to move the teeth to the desired position. They also avoid any abrasions to your lips and cheeks due to their smooth and sleek finish.
The adjustments which involve opening and closing will be simpler for your Orthodontists at Growing Smiles. Oral hygiene can also be maintained easily due to lesser components.
Self-ligating braces are of two types
Passive self-ligating Braces with passive brackets – These brackets will have a smaller archwire which will have free tooth movements due to lower friction. Our orthodontists at Growing Smiles will use this passive appliance during the early stages of your Orthodontic treatment for the teeth to move.
  • Active self-ligating braces with active brackets – These brackets will have a thicker archwire in diameter which will have more controlled tooth movements due to higher friction. Your Orthodontists at Growing Smiles will use this active appliance during the later stages of your Orthodontic treatment to complete it efficiently.


Invisalign clear aligners are the clear alternative to braces. They are suitable for adult professionals who cant undergo Orthodontic treatment with traditional metal and ceramic braces. Invisalign uses clincheck software smarttrack material to facilitate the treatment. ChinChek simulates your tooth movements and the end result of invisalign treatment even before we start.
The Invisalign treatment process involves an Itero element scanner clincheck software smarttrack which is used at Growing smiles Orthodontics to show our clients their tooth movement simulations and smile assessment contact. Smart force attachments are placed only by the best orthodontists in Bangalore, vivera retainers are followed after the treatment that has helped Invisalign to change the way patients undergo orthodontic treatment. The advantage of these clear aligners is that they are completely transparent, comfortable and removable.
We usually request our patients to compare treatment options to choose the most convenient orthodontic appliance. Invisalign is given as a set of aligners and works how your treatment plan is carried out. Thay have to be changed every month until the desired tooth positions are achieved with material smartforce attachment. Invisalign teen comes with vivera retainers mandibular advancement wings which can facilitate jaw movements in teenagers.


Early orthodontic treatment at the right time goes a long way in correcting many malocclusions. This is also called pediatric orthodontics as many orthodontists can use various orthodontic appliances while your children’s milk teeth are still present.
The American Association of Orthodontists recommends visiting an orthodontist while your kid is eight years old to diagnose any malocclusion. At this age, your kid will have almost all the permanent teeth erupt which gives the orthodontists more flexibility during treatment options planning to bring about the desired tooth movements. The diagnosis after the first orthodontic assessment is usually as follows
  • No orthodontic treatment will be required for your child if all the teeth are in proper occlusion!
  • Future treatment might be planned if the orthodontist diagnosed any discrepancy in the size of the teeth to that of the jaws. Early childhood braces can go a long way in preventing the onset of any future malocclusion if diagnosed at the right time.
Dental services for kids also includes facial growth modification using orthopedic appliances and child s jaws growth modification using myofunctional appliances is taught to orthodontists in dental schools as a part of pediatric orthodontics which they can use to guide the face and jaw to grow in a proper harmonical manner. Many malocclusions that can be inherited or develop due to detrimental oral health habits such as mouth breathing such as crowded teeth crossbites, underbites, open bite & deep bite with respect to the front teeth can be corrected easily at an early stage. The treatment for the above can be done using fixed or removable orthodontic appliances to move the teeth.
Serial extractions, which is the sequential removal of selected baby teeth (milk teeth) to allow the proper eruption of permanent teeth into place is also performed by our pediatric dentists at Growing Smiles pediatric dentistry in Whitefield Bangalore, which goes a long way preventing many orthodontic problems.


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